Fun with Hollow Forms in Polymer at Metalwerx

We had a fast paced class today, exploring the fundamentals of making hollow forms in polymer clay and decorating the surface with Skinner blends and simple canes. We had many different experience levels in the class from first-timer to serious polymer artist. All left with finished several colorful and well constructed pieces. Many questions were asked about future classes and where to go from here. Fortunately, Metalwerx will be having future classes and many resources for exploring polymer are available. (see below)

 Learn more about the history of polymer and the leading polymer artists

 Books referenced in Class

Teachers Mentioned in Class 

  • Kim Otterbein, formerly of The Bead House in RI and author of Polymer Clay 101
  • Kathleen Dustin, an amazing polymer artist and one of the Grande Dames of Polymer
  • Celie Fago, polymer and metal clay master artist
  • Jeffrey Dever, exotic forms architect
  • <a title="Maggie Maggio" href="http://maggiemaggio avis site”>Maggie Maggio, amazing color tutorials
  • Nan Roche, another Grande Dame
  • Donna Kato, Grande Dame and the source of Poly Paste

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