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  1. Linda

    Well written and well said! Learning to not fear my most painful emotions during my most vulnerable times. To sit right down in them, roll around and feel them, speak their name outloud, and eventually release them was my most important life lesson! Only then did I know I could sit with another in their painful emotions, and just sit, sharing their space, a witness of their journey. Not judging, not fixing, just being, and that was the best thing I could do. A loving presence when we are in dark places feels like hope and a burden shared.

    1. pamelacole Post author

      Thanks for sharing your hard-earned wisdom. Life is a great teacher if we pay attention…if not, it’s just painful. I am grateful for all the ways I have been shaped by life. I shudder to think who I would have been had I not experienced loss and suffering. Just like you, I learned how to be with my own pain and now can really be present for others. Had I not been through these experiences, I would sit in self-righteous judgement, offering meaningless platitudes to people in pain…and contribute little to the healing of the world.


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